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Use Google Sky to Know What You’re Looking at Tonight

While you’re up tonight waiting for The Ball to drop take a look up at the sky and observe the stars and planets. If you’re like me, you can probably recognize the Bigger Dipper and not much more. For folks like me Google has an Android App to help us figure out what we’re looking […]

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Use Historypin’s Android App to View Historical Imagery

Historypin is a great website that allows you to place old images of places on current Google Streetview imagery. This past July they introduced some nice new features including a free Android App. The Historypin Android App allows you to view historical imagery layered over the current map for where you are standing (provided imagery is available). […]

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Three Good Android Apps for Vocabulary Practice

Last year my school’s administration put on a big school-wide push for helping students develop their vocabulary skills. I was asked to put together a list of websites that students could use for that purpose. I published that list here. To complement that list, here are three Android apps that students can use to learn […]

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Periodic Droid is an Excellent Android App for Learning the Periodic Table

The Periodic Table is one of the things that haunt me I still remember from high school Chemistry. When I was in high school we had to memorize all of the elements on the Periodic Table. My classmates and I made flashcards and quizzed each other on it until we knew it backward and forward. Today, […]

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Use Famigo to Create a Kids-only Section on Your Android Device

If your school is using Android devices and you’re looking for a way to keep young students from leaving the set of apps you’ve selected for them, Famigo Sandbox is an app that you should check out. Famigo Sandbox is an Android app that allows you to create a “kids-only” section on your Android phone or […]

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