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Amazon Student – An App for Textbook Price Comparisons


The end of the semester is here for most college students and that means it’s time to either sell their textbooks at a fraction of what they paid a few months ago or hold on to them in the hopes that they might be useful in the future. As an undergrad I saved a handful of my books, but most of the time I sold them back to the campus bookstore for far less than I paid at the beginning of the semester. Fortunately for them, today’s students have more ways than ever before to save money on textbooks when they purchase them and more venues to sell them in than I did as an undergraduate. Amazon Student is one example of that. 

Amazon Student is a free Android App that students can use to compare prices, buy books, and or trade-in books. Even if they don’t buy from Amazon, students can still use the barcode scanner in Amazon Student to scan books and compare prices they see in the campus bookstore with Amazon prices. 

Another tool for comparing prices by scanning barcodes with your Android phone is Shop Savvy. I installed Shop Savvy on my Motorolla Photon this fall and I’ve been scanning everything in sight since then just to make sure I’m finding the best deal possible.

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