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SnaPanda – Scan a Word, Get a Definition

SnaPanda is a free Android app that could help students expand their vocabulary. With SnaPanda installed on your phone you can point it at any clearly printed word on a page in a book, in a magazine, or on a sign and get the definition of that word. To do this just activate the app, point your phone’s camera at a word, and touch the word. SnaPanda then provides you with definitions for that word and examples of the word in use. SnaPanda users can save scanned words to a list for later review. Your lists can be shared via email, Twitter, and Facebook.

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  • http://blog.edulang.com Brad Patterson

    Thanks for sharing our application ! We always welcome feedback and hope the app serves you well 😉

  • Mike Herlan

    This app doesn’t serve the tablet world well, is there one for Galaxy Tab?

  • Anonymous

    @Mike Herlan we’ll look for one.

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