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Socratica Offers a Nice Selection of Android Apps for Students


Socratica offers nice little selection of free games and apps for Android users. The free apps and games offered by Socratica are Periodic Table, Countries of the World, US Presidents, 50 States, Words Words Words, Alphabets, and Pi (this app doesn’t do much other than help you remember the digits of Pi).

The Periodic Table app offers reference information about each element. The app offers audio clips to help users learn pronunciations of the names of the elements. The app also includes a quiz mode.

Countries of the World and 50 States are geography apps for learning country and state locations and capitals respectively. The apps also offer some background information like population, flags, state mottos, and postal codes. An online version of 50 States also exists on the Socratica website.

The US Presidents app quizzes players about the presidents, their birthplace, years in office, and their vice presidents.

Words Words Words is a vocabulary and grammar app containing 1,000 words with audio pronunciations. The app quizzes players on the proper uses the words.

The Alphabets app is designed as a quiz to help you learn Greek, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, and English. (I should note that some user reviews noted that the Hebrew and Arabic characters didn’t display correctly on their phones).

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