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Juice Defender – Save Your Android Phone’s Battery


Smart phones are great for so many reasons. Whenever the mood strikes you can Google the answer to that nagging trivia question. Or when you’re out shopping you can use an app like Scan Life to scan a product’s barcode and compare prices in seconds. The only downside to running these data consumptive apps is that they can quickly drain your Android phone’s battery. There is a solution to that problem that doesn’t require you to toggle in and out of data modes. 

Juice Defender is an Android App (free and premium versions are available) that manages and monitors power consumption on your phone. The app monitors data consumption and WiFi settings. To save power the app will enable or disable settings to conserve power. Learn more about Juice Defender in the video below.

If your school is using Android devices as part of a 1:1 program, Juice Defender could be a useful app for making sure that students can use those devices without having to frequently plug them into chargers.

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One Response to “Juice Defender – Save Your Android Phone’s Battery”

  1. On December 25, 2011 at 10:12 PM Anonymous responded with... #

    Another app I like is Llama. It provides a lot of automation (even more if the device is rooted). It can tell where you are and activiates/deactivates different profiles. For example, when I arrive home, it enables my wifi and disables all mobile data and GPS. When I leave home, wifi goes off, mobile data on. When at church, my phone goes on silent and airplane mode is activated (no calls or texts but I can still get to the Bible on my phone). There are many other options. I just stumbled across the app a few weeks ago, but as far as I can tell, it has been working well.