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Blog on the Go With the Free Posterous Android App

Posterous is one of my favorite blogging platforms for classroom use because it is very easy for teachers to create a blog and it is very easy for students to contribute to that blog. (For step by step directions on creating a Posterous blog please read this tutorial on Free Technology for Teachers). Recently I started using the Posterous Android app on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and discovered a couple of things that I really like about using the free app.

The first thing you’ll notice when you use the Posterous Android app is that it really cleans-up the blogging interface. There were times in the past when using the web version of Posterous that I felt like there were too many options that weren’t clear enough in their delineations between functions. The Posterous Android app clears that problem right up.

Creating new posts using the Posterous Android app is a cinch. After signing into your Posterous account just select from your dashboard the Posterous blog (or Space as they call them) to which you want to post. Then write your post and publish it. If you have images you want to add to your post you can choose from those stored on your tablet or those stored in your Google account. You can also choose to turn on your devices’s camera and instantly take a picture or video to include in your blog post.

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