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WAVE Recorder – My New Favorite Voice Recording Android App


WAVE Recorder is a free Android app for making voice recordings on your Android tablet or Android phone. Last week I used WAVE Recorder on my Motorola Photon
to record a 45 minute conversation with Tom Harvey about his new book Listen to Your Kids: Solutions for Distraught Teachers and Parents. Tom and I were sitting in the Cafe Nomad in Norway, Maine and the app captured our conversation perfectly without any static or background noise to speak of.

I don’t know if there is a limit to how long of a conversation WAVE Recorder will capture, but I know it will capture at least 45 minutes. If you need more time than that, I might consider creating a two part recording. You can play the recording back on your phone, pause it, fast forward, and rewind as much as you like. To save your recording you can send it to your Gmail account from the WAVE Recorder app.

I also tested WAVE Recorder on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. On the tablet the sound quality wasn’t as good as on my phone. The benefit of using it on my tablet was that I located the sharing options much quicker than I did on my phone.

WAVE Recorder could be a great app to use when you need to record a meeting.  The app could also be handy for students who are interviewing people and writing stories about those people. For example, if you have students interviewing their parents about their jobs, using WAVE Recorder will give students the opportunity to playback the conversation and include accurate quotes. 

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