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Learn 50 Languages on Your Android Phone or Tablet


50 Languages is an Android app for learning a new language. Through the app you can hear words pronounced in your native language and the language that you’re trying to learn. To you can also read translations in your native language and the language you’re attempting to learn.

The 50 Languages Android app has three basic modes. The Word List mode is just that, a list of words that you can read and hear pronounced for you. Some words are pronounced in male and female voices while others are only pronounced in one voice. As you go through the word list you can select words to send to the Flash Card mode. Flash Card mode is a simple self-quiz option. Take Test is the third mode available in the app. The Take Test mode gives you a choice of multiple choice, word order, bubble game, and fill in the blank. Each of the four tests has ten questions based on the original word list you studied.

The 50 Languages Android app is available as a free app and as a paid app. The free app has ten to twenty lessons for each language while the paid app offers one hundred lessons. The paid app can be bought for an individual language at a cost of $2.99 or you can buy all of the language lessons for $9.99.

This app worked equally well on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and on my Motorola Photon Android Phone.

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