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11 Awesome Apps for Students To Try On Their New Android Devices

Yesterday, I published a list of eleven apps for teachers and school administrators to try on their new Android devices. If one of your children or students received a new Android device during this holiday season here are eleven apps that you and they should check out.

1. Math Workout is a free Android app for practicing your basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. You can choose from six different practice activities. Each activity has its own series of progressively harder challenges. I started out using just the addition and multiplication activities that provide twenty problems to solve in your head. Your score for the activity is based on accuracy and speed. So that you can see if you’re improving from day to day, Math Workout keeps a record of your scores for you.
Here’s a short video review of Math Workout. (Note, this video review is of the “pro” version which offers more challenges and is ad-free).


2. Words, Words, Words is a free vocabulary app from Socratica.  As I mentioned in a previous post Socratica has a great line up of free Android Apps, and this one is not an exception to that rule. I like that the interface was very visually-pleasing and easy to navigate. Words, Words, Words can be used in a flashcard-like manner for familiarizing yourself with the words or in a quiz mode. Words, Words, Words offers audio to help users with pronunciation.


3. Google Books is a great place to find free books and books for sale to read on your Android phone or tablet. Google claims that they have more than three million books and periodicals available for free. I haven’t counted so I’ll take their word for it. The free books tend to be titles whose copyright protections have expired. The Red Badge of Courage is one such example of that.


4. MeeGenius is a nice source of free and paid ebooks for kids. When children open the ebooks online, on an Android tablet, or on an iPad they can choose to have the story read to them or to read the story on their own. When the story is read to them each word in the story is highlighted on the page. This should help children follow along with the story.


5. Here’s a nice little app for the aspiring artist in your life. How to Draw Cartoons Animals is a free Android app that offers seventy simple step-by-step directions for drawing cartoon animals. Despite the name, the app also offers directions for drawing objects like cups and houses and directions for drawing people. To be clear, you don’t draw the cartoons on the app. The app only provides the directions for you to follow while you draw on paper.


6. iStoryBooks is a free Android app that offers two dozen free digital storybooks for kids ages two through eight. Most of the stories in the app are adaptations of classic children’s tales like The Ugly Duckling. The iStoryBooks app gives you the option to read each story or to read along with each story while listening to the narrator. Children can practice reading and recognizing words by going through the stories with the narration turned on. There are stories available in English and Spanish. In all there are more than 20 free books available through the iStoryBooks Android app. 

7. Skitch for Android is an app that I also included in my list of apps for teachers and administrators. Skitch for Android is an app that students are sure to enjoy using too.  Students can use Skitch for Android to create drawings from scratch. They can use the app to take a picture and mark it up. Or you they also use the app to edit and draw on images that they have saved on their tablets, in Picassa albums, or in Evernote accounts.

8. For college students returning to school in January, Amazon Student is an app that could potentially save them money when they go to buy the books for their new courses. Amazon Student is a free Android App that students can use to compare prices, buy books, and or trade-in books. Even if they don’t buy from Amazon, students can still use the barcode scanner in Amazon Student to scan books and compare prices they see in the campus bookstore with Amazon prices. 


 9. 123s ABCs is an Android app for handwriting practice. The app allows students to practice drawing uppercase and lowercase letters by tracing the template on the screen. The 123 aspect of the app has templates for tracing letters. The app also has basic shape templates to trace. Students can practice on each template as many times as they like. If the first attempt isn’t to a student’s liking, she can simply shake the phone or tablet to erase and try again. 123s ABCs also has an audio option that students can activate to hear each letter, number, or shape read to them.

10. Animal Book is an app designed to help young children learn to recognize animals. Children can go through the book to see and hear the names of the animals. There is also an option to hear the animals’ sounds although some of the sounds were less than perfect when I went through the app. There is a simple quiz mode on Animal Book that present four pictures that the child has to pick from when an animal’s name is read by the narrator.


11. Snag Films hosts more than 2000 documentary films available for free viewing. The Snag Films Android App allows you to watch those films on your Android tablet or Android phone. The only flaw with this app is that most of the films are only licensed for viewing in the United State.

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