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Read Newspapers from Around the World on Your Android Device


World Newspapers is a free Android app designed to enable you to find and read newspapers from all over the world. You can use the app to browse for newspapers by continent, country, and state. The app also provides the option to browse according to content type such as videos, magazines, and websites.

By default, World Newspapers is set for you to browse for newspapers within your country. I used the app to browse newspapers in Maine and Arizona. I was surprised and slightly impressed to see that even small, local, weekly publications were indexed and available through the World Newspapers Android app. The app includes tools for quickly sharing stories with others, bookmarking articles, and translating newspapers.

Learn more about the World Newspapers Android app in the short video below.

The visual layout of the newspapers when you read them through World Newspapers does leave something to be desired. Otherwise World Newspapers is a good app for social studies teachers and students to use to find current events stories from all over the world. Whenever I have used current events in my courses, I’ve required students to read accounts of the same story from domestic and foreign news outlets for the purpose of comparing perspectives. The World Newspapers Android app should help students find stories to compare.

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