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Two Augmented Reality Apps To Use On Field Trips


Some of my favorite experiences in school happened on field trips. One of my favorite field trips was a tour of historical landmarks in Boston. On that trip we had fact sheets about each of the stops on our tour. Today’s students don’t have to carry fact sheets. Through their phones students can access more information than a piece of paper can hold. Here are two Android apps that students can use on field trips to gather information about the places they’re visiting.

Google Goggles is an Android app that Google released a couple of years ago. The app allows you to point your phone at an object to find information about the object(s) captured by your camera. For example, if I take a picture of a Boston Red Sox pennant, Google Goggles will return related images and web links. You can also use Google Goggles to scan and decode QR codes. Learn more about Google Goggles in the video below.

Wikitude is a free Android app that allows you to use your phone’s camera as a web browser. Point your camera at buildings and other objects to discover web content related to what you’re seeing and where you’re standing. With your phone’s GPS enabled you can use Wikitude to browse Tweets, YouTube videos, Facebook updates, Flickr images, and Wikipedia entries connected to your current location. Optionally, you can share your location and content discoveries with other Wikitude users. Learn more about Wikitude in the video below.

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