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Test Your Engineering Skills on the X Construction Android App


One of my most memorable middle school experiences is of building and testing the weight capacity of balsa wood bridges. For the record, the bridge I built with my friend CJ set the Illing Middle School record (I certainly hope that the record has been surpassed in the last 20+ years). Now that same concept of designing and testing bridges can be done on an Android device.

X Construction is an Android app that allows you to design railroad bridges and test whether or not they could support a train crossing. The app offers a series of progressively more difficult challenges to try. In each challenge level you are given a limited number of construction pieces to use in order to span an expanse that your virtual train needs to cross. When you think you’ve designed a suitable bridge press the play button to send the train over the bridge. If the bridge collapses you will see and hear a crash (warning, the crash sounds are bit annoying after the fourth or fifth try). If the train crosses your bridge, you can move on to the next level.

X Construction could be a neat app for students to use to test out and see the benefits of various design concepts. For example, they can see why a triangle design might be superior t0 a square bridge design.

X Construction offers a free and paid ($1.49) version. The free version has nine levels and includes advertising banners. The paid version has more levels and does not have advertising.

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