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The American Civil War Gazette – What Happened on This Day?


The American Civil War Gazette could be a handy Android app for US History teachers and students. The app serves up newspaper reports and dispatches from each day of the US Civil War. The stories that are displayed on the app each day are stories that appeared in print on that day during the Civil War. For example, today is January 11, 2012 and the stories that appeared in the app today are from January 11, 1862.

The American Civil War Gazette features stores from publications like The New York Times, The London Times, and the Richmond Dispatch. Each day new articles appear on The American Civil War Gazette. The current day’s articles are free, but previous editions require a subscription. If you’re teaching lessons about the Civil War and want to inject a little “on this day in history” element, The American Civil War Gazette could be useful for quickly finding that information.

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