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Remarkable Offers Nice Apps for Young Students


Remarkable is a publisher of educational apps for children between three and six years of age. Remarkable offers three apps; Tracing ABC, What’s Different, and Mix and Match. There is a free version and paid version of each app. The difference between the free and paid versions is the paid versions ($0.99) offer more levels. Both the free and paid apps are ad-free.

Tracing ABC is an app, optimized for phones and tablets, that guides children through drawing letters. The app provides guidance for tracing through a simple star system. If the child using the app traces in the correct direction, stars are “checked off” as the child traces. If the child using the app doesn’t trace in the correct direction the stars aren’t checked off.  After correctly tracing each letter a word starting with that letter appears and is read to the child.

What’s Different is a simple game of identifying patterns and picking out the object that doesn’t fit the pattern. Children using the app are shown four objects and have to identify the one that doesn’t fit the pattern. When the correct object is selected, a ladybug moves across the screen. The object is to get the ladybug to move all the way across the screen in a Mario Brothers-like manner.

Mix and Match is a simple puzzle game. Students put together simple images by  swiping through parts of an image until they find one that matches the other parts of the image.

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