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Moon+ Reader – A Nice eBook Reader for Your Android Device


Moon+ Reader is a nice ebook reading app to use on your Android phone or tablet. Moon+ Reader supports ebooks published in epub, html, ODPS, and many other formats. You can open ebooks that you have saved on your device or search for new titles through the Moon+ Reader. Through the Moon+ Reader you can search the catalogs of Many Books and Project Gutenberg or browse the web.

When you open ebooks in Moon+ Reader you can choose from a variety of layouts and browsing modes. As you would expect, you can alter the size of the text on the page to make it easier to read. The best feature is the option to highlight text in an ebook and have a menu of options pop-up. In that pop-up menu you can choose to find definitions, copy the text to a clipboard, search for that text online, or translate it.

Moon+ Reader is available in a free and pro version. The pro version removes advertisements, offers text to speech (limited), and some handy shortcuts.

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