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Moon+ Reader – A Nice eBook Reader for Your Android Device

Moon+ Reader is a nice ebook reading app to use on your Android phone or tablet. Moon+ Reader supports ebooks published in epub, html, ODPS, and many other formats. You can open ebooks that you have saved on your device or search for new titles through the Moon+ Reader. Through the Moon+ Reader you can […]

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EduPort – Access Great Educational Videos on Your Android Device

There is a lot of great educational content on YouTube, if you know where to find it. EduPort is a free Android app that aims to help you discover excellent educational videos without having to visit YouTube directly. EduPort is a free Android app that features nine highly informative YouTube channels. Those channels include Khan […]

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Wikimedia Releases an Official Wikipedia Android App

There have been third party Wikipedia Android apps for quite a while, but there wasn’t an official app from the Wikimedia Foundation until last week. The new Wikipedia Android app allows you to search Wikipedia and save articles for offline use. With GPS enabled on your device the Wikipedia app will help you find articles […]

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Three Android Apps that Read RSS Feeds to You

I currently have 276 subscriptions in my Google Reader account. Those subscriptions generate an average of more than 1,000 new articles per day. For the last couple of months I’ve been using Feedly on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to read those feeds. Using Feedly has helped me go through those feeds faster than I […]

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Explore US History With the National Archives App

The US National Archives is an all-around good resource for history teachers to have bookmarked. The Today’s Document mobile app from the US National Archives is an interactive gallery of 365 documents and images from the National Archives. These are the same documents and images that are included in the Today’s Document RSS feed. With […]

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