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Collaboration Comes to Google Docs for Android


Earlier this month Google added a couple of nice enhancements to Google Docs for Android, but it still didn’t include the collaborative experience that you find on the web version of Google Docs. Yesterday, that changed.

Yesterday, Google announced the addition of collaboration to the free Google Docs for Android app. Now you can collaborate on edits in real-time just like you would if you were working in your web browser on your computer. I gave it a try on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (by the way, that device is now $62 less than it was at Christmas) and found that it worked well when I was working with documents, I couldn’t get it to work for presentations.

Below is Google’s new video about the Google Docs for Android App.

The Google Docs for Android app is getting better, but it still isn’t up to the functionality of the web version of Google Docs. That said, if you’re students need to edit documents on the go, the Google Docs for Android app is one that they should have installed on their phones and tablets.

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