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Automatically Send Images to Your Dropbox Account


Dropbox is one of my favorite services for saving all kinds of files online. Recently, Dropbox added a new auto-sync option for images captured on your Android phone or tablet. Now when you snap a picture it can be automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account.

The Google+ Android app also has an auto-upload feature, but there are two problems with it that the Dropbox app doesn’t have. First, the Dropbox upload is not resized so the resolution you capture it in is the resolution it is saved in. Second, the images you upload to your Dropbox account are private by default.

I’ve previously written about how I use Dropbox to help me reduce email overload when collecting assignments from students. The Dropbox Android app has been installed on my phone and tablet since the day that I got them. The app makes it very easy to save and view the contents of my Dropbox account.

For a complete overview of the purpose of Dropbox, watch the video below.

H/T to Techcrunch.

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