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Digitize Student Work With the Three Ring App

Three Ring is a free service offering free Android and iPhone apps for digitizing and organizing student work. Using the app teachers can take a picture of a student’s work and upload it to a free Three Ring account. Three Ring offers teachers a lot of organizational flexibility. You could organize artifacts by student name, […]

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Use Google Goggles to Translate

As I mentioned last week, I’m headed to Switzerland today. One of my recurring fears of international travel is of finding myself somewhere without any English speakers or signs in English. While that’s not likely to happen in Europe, I still have the fear. (For the record, I can read “survival” French and speak “survival” […]

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Control the Speed of Your Voicemails on Google Voice for Android

Last week Google made a handy little improvement to the Google Voice for Android app. People who have devices running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) can now control the speed of voicemail playback. Additionally, your Google Voice messages will appear in the same call log as all other messages on your phone. For people who […]

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Learn Nine Languages With the Busuu Android Apps

Next week I’m going to Lugano, Switzerland to work with teachers at the American School there. In preparation for my trip I installed the Learn German app from Busuu on my tablet and phone. Since my skills in speaking German are limited to a couple of phrases that an exchange student taught me a couple […]

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An Easy Way to Compare Phone Devices and Predict Prices

It seems like everyday a new cell phone is released. Figuring out which one best suits your needs, can be a confusing task. Through Tekzilla I recently learned about a good site for comparing cellphones. provides a quick way to compare phones. Just enter two models that you’re considering and you’ll get a side-by-side […]

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