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Play Oregon Trail American Settler on Your Android Tablet


Like many people of my generation I loved playing Oregon Trail on my elementary school’s Apple IIe. So when I discovered that an updated version of Oregon Trail is available to play on my Android tablet, I had to install it.

Oregon Trail American Settler is an updated version of the classic Oregon Trail game. The game is optimized for play on tablets, but it also worked on my Motorola Photon. In Oregon Trail American Settler you’ve made it west and now need to establish your home. Just like in the original game you need to complete tasks to earn food and money. And just like in the original game you will have to deal with some challenges like illness and weather.

If you want to introduce your students to the fun and learning of Oregon Trail, Oregon Trail American Settler is a great app to install on your Android tablets. There are two things to be aware of before you install the app. First, it is a large download (29MB). Second, each time you unlock a level the game asks if you want to share that on Facebook or Twitter. You can press “skip” to avoid sharing, but I do want you to be aware of that before you have students playing the game in your classroom.

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