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Three Free Apps to Help You Pace Your Presentations


This week I gave six presentations at the NCTIES conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. Throughout the week I tried three different talk timers on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. (By the way if you’re interested in having me speak at your event, please click here).

Talk Timer is a simple app that changes colors from green to yellow to red according to your settings. You can choose from the default time settings menu or set your own times. The app isn’t exactly optimized for tablets, the view doesn’t expand to a 10 inch display, but it does function correctly. One nice aspect is that the app will run in the background with a small color display at the bottom of your home screen so that you can run other apps and still see the colors change throughout your talk.

Presenter, like Talk Timer, uses a color indicator system to indicate how much time you have left in your presentation. Presenter has the added bonus of a vibrate or buzz setting to accompany color changes. The vibration is faint (I didn’t actually notice it when I was talking), but if you had your phone in your pocket or you have better hearing than me, it might work for you.

PaceRecorder is my favorite of these three apps. PaceRecorder is a simple app that records your voice and gives you instant feedback about the pace with which you are speaking. The feedback comes in the form of three simple symbols; a turtle, a rabbit, and a thumbs-up. If the turtle appears while you’re speaking it indicates that you’re relaxed or perhaps a bit too slow. The rabbit indicates excitement and perhaps that you’re speaking a bit too quickly. And, of course, the thumbs-up means you’re right on track.

Here is a demo of PaceRecorder.

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