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Blog Posts on a Plane or Evernote for Android


You’ve heard of Snakes on a Plane, but have you heard of blog posts on a plane? I traveled a lot in March (19,000 miles according to US Airways) which meant I had a lot of time when I was disconnected from the web. Even though I was disconnected from the web I was still able to draft some blog posts. To do so, I used Evernote on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. Then when I reconnected to the web I simply copied and pasted and pasted my post into a blog post.

What does this mean for students? It means that they can take notes on their Android devices even when they cannot connect to the Internet. Of course, when they are connected to the web through their Android devices students can bookmark and annotate websites that they find useful in their research. The video below walks you through the features of Evernote for Android.

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