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Iris – The Android Version of Siri, Kind Of


Siri is a phenomenally popular iOS service for speaking requests for information into your phone. When Siri was released Android users were left watching our iOS-using friends having all of the fun. Iris is a free Android app that is trying to do for Android users what Siri provided for iOS users.

Iris is a free app for Android phones and tablets that allows you to speak your requests for web search results, videos, directions, and more. Want to use your voice to send a text message? Iris can do that for you too.

The promo video for Iris is embedded below.

I’ve been testing Iris for a couple of weeks. In my testing I’ve found that it is better suited to giving commands for functions my phone than it is to searching the web. I found that I have to speak very slowly and clearly in order for search requests to be carried out accurately. Iris’s response to spoken commands could make it useful for students who have difficulty typing or touching commands to use and Android device.

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