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Why I Started Android 4 Schools


This is a post that is long overdue. I’ve answered the question, “why did you choose to write about Android apps instead of iOS apps?” many times over the last few months. Here are the answers.

I chose to write about Android apps for a few reasons. First, I saw a niche that needed to be filled. Second, and more importantly, the number of Android devices in the hands of students in my area far outnumbers the number of iOS devices in the hands of students in my area. This is mostly due to the economic climate in my part of the world. Unemployment is high, incomes are low, and prospects are grim for that situation changing in the near future. Even so last year when I polled my classes, 125 students in all, only one indicated not having a mobile device. Pressed further, of the students who had smart phones Android was the most common platform followed by Blackberry. I suspect the reason for this is that when students walk into a mobile provider’s store there are many inexpensive (less than $100) Android devices available to them.

Seeing Android devices outnumber iOS devices in my area it just made sense to try to become as familiar as possible with Android apps that students and teachers using those devices can use. If iOS devices outnumbered Android devices in my area, perhaps I wouldn’t have started this blog.

I do own an iPad in addition to my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and think that both are great devices. At nearly $500 a piece, they should be brewing coffee for me too, but that’s the cheapskate in me talking. That said, I don’t think either is device is ready to be a full-time replacement for my ThinkPad or MacBook Pro. If your school chooses to with a tablets instead of laptops for students, I can respect that decision and I’ll do my best to support the use of those devices in classrooms. After all, any device that connects students to the web, enables them to create, and enables them to share is better than not having those options at all.

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