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Iris – The Android Version of Siri, Kind Of

Siri is a phenomenally popular iOS service for speaking requests for information into your phone. When Siri was released Android users were left watching our iOS-using friends having all of the fun. Iris is a free Android app that is trying to do for Android users what Siri provided for iOS users. Iris is a […]

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Don’t Wait for Developers, Develop Your Own Apps

In 2010 one of the ed tech developments that I was most excited about was the Android App Inventor platform that Google had released to the public. The App Inventor allowed anyone to build his or her own Android app even if they couldn’t write a single line of code. Then sadly in 2011 Google […]

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SparkNotes on Android Devices

Whether we like it or not, students use SparkNotes. SparkNotes for Android puts many of the same content guides found on available in a mobile-friendly format. The app makes content guides available online and offline through download options. You can search for content guides according to subject and topic. SparkNotes for Android has a […]

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Google Currents Updates and Goes International

When Google Currents was released in December I immediately installed it on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Google Currents is a virtual magazine rack that you can read on your Android device or on your iOS device. Google Currents offers a magazine style display of content from more than 400 media distributors. Additionally, you can sync […]

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Blog Posts on a Plane or Evernote for Android

You’ve heard of Snakes on a Plane, but have you heard of blog posts on a plane? I traveled a lot in March (19,000 miles according to US Airways) which meant I had a lot of time when I was disconnected from the web. Even though I was disconnected from the web I was still […]

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