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Practice the Piano on Your Android Tablet


As a high school student I was heavily involved in all aspects of  my school’s band programs. I started playing trumpet in elementary school and by the time I was in high school I could play every brass instrument. At some point in my high school years I took it upon myself to try to teach myself how to play the piano. There was only one problem with that, I didn’t have a piano at home and the school only had two pianos available. Fast forward almost twenty years and access to a piano is a problem for far fewer students thanks to Android apps. Here are three Android apps that students can use to learn and practice the piano on Android tablets.

Piano Lesson Tutor is a free app offering video lessons for students. The lessons are designed for beginner to intermediate level piano students. The videos are hosted on YouTube so you could just find them there. Piano Lesson Tutor organizes the videos into lessons for you.

Piano Pro is a free app that puts a virtual piano keyboard on your tablet or phone. The keys are labeled to help beginners. Piano Pro has a series of play-along songs to help you learn to play the piano. The play-along activities are completed by playing the keys above which notes are appearing.

xPiano is a free app that also puts a virtual piano keyboard on your tablet. The keys are not labeled so you do have to know which notes are associated with which keys. xPiano has twelve different instrument sounds with which you can experiment. The app also has a recording option that you can use to save your music and export it to other projects.

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