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Play the Drums on an Android Tablet


Yesterday, I shared three apps for learning and practicing the piano on your Android tablet. Today, I’d like to share three free apps for playing drums on your Android tablet.

Mobile Drummer is a free Android app for playing the drums to recorded rhythms. You can play along with the default tracks that Mobile Drummer provides or you can play along with music that you have stored on your Android device. Mobile Drummer has a recording option that you can use to hear yourself after you’ve played the drums. Each drum’s and cymbal’s sounds can be adjusted by the user.

Drums HD is a free Android app that offers five virtual drumsets to play. Drums HD has animations that show when each drum is hit. The animations can be turned off for tablets and phones that don’t have enough processing power to handle the animations and sounds at the same time.


Drum Set is free Android app that offers three drumset layouts. Drum Set’s layout options are jazz, big concert, and basic. There are seventeen drums and cymbals that can be played the sets. The video below shows Drum Set in action.

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