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Did a Factory Reset on my Galaxy Tablet and Discovered a Great App


This evening I reset my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to its original factory settings. I did it because I had run out of storage on the device. Installing an app a day for months will fill up any device and since I only use about ten of those apps on a regular basis it was quicker to do a factory reset than manually remove dozens of apps. When I reset the tablet and started it back up, I discovered a nice video creation app that is pre-installed on the device and that I had overlooked for six months.

Movie Studio is a default app installed on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and other devices using Honeycomb (Android 3.0+).  (As a point of clarification I have the original model not the newly released version 2). The app allows you to mix together image, video, and sound files to create a short movie on your tablet. There are some basic transitions that you can place between elements. You can also insert some text. As you might guess, the entire  creation process takes place on a timeline in a drag and drop style. Your finished movie can be saved on  your tablet (warning, that will eat up storage quickly), emailed, or uploaded directly to YouTube.

I searched all over Google Play and the Samsung App store, but unfortunately could not find a way to install Movie Studio on other devices. But if you have a tablet running Honeycomb, make sure you don’t overlook Movie Studio. Movie Studio could be a great app for students to create movies on the go.

Important Update: Minutes after I posted this Tammy Lind Tweeted to me that Movie Studio is a part of Android 4.0.

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