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Pair Up – A Nice Android App for Pre-K Students


Pair Up is an Android app that is designed for children of Pre-K through Grade 2 age. Pair Up has three activity categories; Visual Perception, Quantitative Reasoning, and Associative Thinking. Each category has two activities for students to try.

In Visual Perception the activities are Same Shape & Color and Complete a Square. Same Shape & Color asks students to identify patterns by matching images of the same color and shape. Students are presented with one image and their choice of four images to match to the original by dragging and dropping them into place. In Complete a Square students have to try to make a square by matching pieces together.

Quantitative Reasoning’s activities are School Abacus and Same Quantity. In School Abacus students are given a number and they have to identify the abacus that the matching quantity displayed on it. Same Quantity presents students with a picture that has represents a quantity and students have to pick another picture that displays the same quantity as a the original image.

In Associative Thinking students can play Who Eats What? and Who Lives Where? In Who Eats What? students see a picture of an animal and have to select from four pictures the food that animal eats. In Who Lives Where? students have to identify the habitat of animals and people. For example, when students see the goldfish picture they should select the fishbowl as the habitat.

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