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Find the Satellites Overhead with Satellite AR for Android

One of the most popular posts that I’ve written on Android 4 Schools was about using Google Sky to identify the stars and planets visible over your head. Satellite AR uses the same concept as Google Sky to help you identify the satellites that are over your head.

Satellite AR is a free augmented reality app that allows you to point your phone or tablet at the sky to discover which satellites are above you. You will have to turn on location data on your device for the information to be accurate.

Satellite AR could be a good app to use as part of a lesson on space science and communication.

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  • Peter Vogel

    NASA used to offer the valuable jPass 3D service. I always used it as part of my physics teaching in the circular motion and gravitation unit. Why the service was killed it beyond me. Until I ran across Satellite AR I no longer had an effective way of showing the geostationary belt to students. It’s still nowhere as good as jPass but it’s better than nothing. Besides, AR has lots of other benefits and options.

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