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Learn About Animals Through These Puzzle Apps for Android


There are plenty of simple jigsaw puzzle activities in the Google Play market, but most of them are just puzzles. This evening I played with two puzzle apps from Xidea Creator that offer a little bit more than just a puzzle.

Ocean Puzzle and Animal Puzzle from Xidea Creator are simple jigsaw puzzles that contain a little bit of information about the animals and plants that are featured in the picture. For example, when I completely assemble a picture of a hermit crab I can read a little bit about hermit crabs and their habit. Ocean Puzzle has six different habits, each containing a series of puzzles. Animal Puzzle has six different regions, each containing a series of puzzles. At first you can only access a few puzzles and as you complete more puzzles more become available to you.

The jigsaw puzzles in Ocean Puzzle and Animal Puzzle are suitable for elementary school.

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