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A Great Review of Nexus 7 Tablet and a Comparison with iPads

Google has officially entered the tablet market with the release of the Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet. The Nexus 7 tablet is a seven inch tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich aka Android 4.0. The tablet sports a quad core processor. For a full break-down of the technical specs and how they compare with those of iPads and the Kindle Fire, I recommend reading What the Google Nexus 7 Means for Schools written by Eric Curts. For a hands-on evaluation of the new Nexus 7 Tablet take a look at this review on Androidica.

Eric Curts gives very high marks to the Nexus 7 in his review. He brings up some great points about the technical specs and price point ($199 USD for the 8gb mode). Eric thinks that it will be a very good alternative to iPads. I’m not quite ready to go there for three reasons. First, I haven’t had my hands on a Nexus 7 yet. Second, as he points out and I agree with him, it needs an additional rear-facing camera. At this stage of the tablet game I’m very surprised that Google didn’t include one. Third, I’m partial to 10″ tablets because I think that 7″ is just a little too small to be an effective workspace if you want to use the device for creating content frequently.

The Nexus 7 certainly appears to be a slick device. I plan to get one and try it when they ship in July. That said, until all tablet interfaces (iPad and Android) become more friendly for content creation, I’ll still recommend a laptop as the primary device in 1:1 programs.

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  • Gridlock Manifesto

    From what I read, the “7” uses Jelly Bean, not “Sandwich.” It shipped, and although it is no iPad for versatility as a mini-laptop, it works well for games, books, and watching TV and movies, but not creating content. The apps are limited for the OS, so don’t go there. I used to use my Galaxy 10.1 for watching TV with the Dish Remote Access App and my Sling Adapter my Dish coworker gave me, but it was too big to keep track of if I had to set it down. With a smaller 7-inch tablet, I can put it in my pocket and not worry someone will steal it in the cart at the grocery store. I watch more TV that I have been missing and get more value out of my Dish service in the end.

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