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AK Notepad – Take Notes, Share Notes, and Set Reminders


AK Notepad is a free Android app for recording notes on your phone or tablet. AK Notepad has a very simple interface yet still offers some handy features.

If you have ever used Color Note you’ll immediately notice some similarities when you open AK Notepad. AK Notepad features a lined paper graphic on which you type your notes. AK Notepad gives you the option to save and share your notes to a variety of services including, Evernote, Google+, and Twitter.

AK Notepad can be used as a reminder service. You can set a reminder alarm for each of your notepads. The alarm can be set using one of the pre-defined settings of 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes into the future. You can also set reminders for days or weeks in the future.

AK Notepad could be a good app for students to use to take notes and create to-do lists with reminders in the same place. If students want to share their to-do lists with you or their parents, the tools are in place for that too.

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