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The Field Trip App Adds Information to Your Field Trips

Field Trip is a new Android app from Google that could add new information to your field trips. The app uses your location (you have to enable location services on your phone) to alert you to interesting things near you. The app does rely heavily on business content, but hopefully they add more information from […]

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Word Learner – A Nice Android App for Building Your Vocabulary

Word Learner is a nice vocabulary practice app that I recently installed on my Nexus 7 tablet. The app has two primary functions; to provide you with word lists to study and to provide you with practice quizzes. When you’re studying new word lists Word Learner offers pronunciations to listen to. The pronunciations are available with U.S. […]

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Use Play Safe to Create a Kids-Only Section on Your Android Device

Play Safe is a free Android app that you can use to create a kids-only section on your Android phone or Android tablet. Play Safe allows you to select apps that are on your device and put them into a locked section for kids. When the lock is activated kids can only use the apps […]

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Toastr – Unlock Your Phone, See a Reminder

There are lots of apps that allow you to create to-do lists on your phone and tablet. But to-do lists are only useful if you look at them. Toastr is a free Android app that forces you to look at the reminders you create for yourself. Toastr reminders appear whenever you unlock the screen on […]

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Mindomo – A Slick Mind Mapping Android App

Mindomo is a slick Android app for creating mind maps. Of all the mind mapping apps I’ve tried on an Android tablet, it is my favorite. The app provides a variety of themes and formats for creating your mind maps. Mindomo provides nine layouts for your mind maps including a web style, circular style, and […]

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