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Word Learner – A Nice Android App for Building Your Vocabulary

Word Learner is a nice vocabulary practice app that I recently installed on my Nexus 7 tablet. The app has two primary functions; to provide you with word lists to study and to provide you with practice quizzes.

When you’re studying new word lists Word Learner offers pronunciations to listen to. The pronunciations are available with U.S. and U.K. accents.

The practice quizzes on Word Learner are timed activities that provide instant feedback on each of your answers. To progress through the levels of the quizzes you need to be able to correctly answer 25 questions in the time allotted. One flaw with the quizzes that I tried is that you need to be a fast reader in order to get through 25 quizzes in the time allotted. I would prefer to  see the quizzes focus more on accuracy than on speed.

Some of the other Word Learner options are custom review lists, statistics on your quizzes, and a word of the day feed.

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  • neha

    Gr8 post..!! .I have been using this app quite frequently now and I just love it..!!!
    As you have mentioned you need to be quick with the timed quizzes but I have realized it works for me that way..
    as in initially(3-4 attempts) I always fail the quizzes and so have to learn the same words again and say by the 5-6 th attempt I can easily cross 25 words since I am thorough with them..
    I would also like to point out that the minimum no of question to be attempted is based on the level.
    Beginner Words -25 & Expert Words-20.

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