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Simple Mind – A Nice Mind Mapping App for Android

I’m a big fan of mind mapping or creating webs of ideas as a planning activity. Every presentation that I create begins as a mind map before I ever start making slides. Developing mind maps can also be a great way for students to wrap their minds around complex topics that have a lot of related parts.

Simple Mind is an Android application that makes it easy to create mind maps on your Android phone or on your Android tablet. To create a mind map with Simple Mind just type a central idea to get started. Then tap the “+” symbol on any side of the central idea to create new idea balloons. If the color scheme of your mind maps is important to you, Simple Mind offers ten color schemes to choose from. In the free version of Simple Mind all of your mind maps are stored in the app. In the paid version of Simple Mind you can export your mind maps as images and share them with others.

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