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Sign Easy is the Easy Way to Digitally Sign Documents

At some point we’ve probably all received an email attachment that needs our signature added to it. It’s a pain to print that attachment, sign it, scan it, and resend it. Sign Easy is an Android application that can end that cycle for you. Sign Easy makes it easy to put your signature on a digital document.

To use Sign Easy start by writing your signature on your Android tablet (I found it was easier to do with a stylus than with my finger). You signature will then be stored for you so that you can apply it to documents in the future. When you receive a document that needs your signature upload it to Sign Easy and apply your stored signature to it. Sign Easy makes it easy to put your signature on the correct line of the document. And if you need to just initial documents, Sign Easy can store your handwritten initials for you too.

Sign Easy, like most apps in the Android market, has mixed reviews. I can say that it worked well for me on my Samsung Galaxy 10 and on my Nexus 7 tablet.

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