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Physics Sketchpad – A Physics Simulator for Android

unnamed (1) Physics Sketchpad is a free Android app that physics teachers may find useful. The app, which is still in beta, provides a simple interface creating simulations of the effects of global gravity on object and gravity between objects. The app also allows users to create collisions to view their effects on objects. The simulations that you create can be saved in your Physics Sketchpad notebooks. Sharing notebooks is a feature advertised for future development.

While Physics Sketchpad has a simple design, I still recommend going through all of the tutorials to really understand how it works.

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  • James

    Hi, I know this question in unrelated to the article, but I was wondering if you had any information on the best way to sync 20 classroom Android tablets. Is there an application like the Apple Configurator (for iPad)? Where can I find more information about the mass-syncing process? Thanks!

  • Home Organization

    kids need technology because they will use that to develop something much greater in the near future

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