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SAT Word A Day – A Free Vocabulary App for Android


unnamed SAT Word A Day is a free Android app that delivers a new SAT vocabulary word to your mobile device on daily basis. You can tap the audio button to hear the word pronounced. A definition and a sample context sentence accompanies each word.

SAT Word A Day doesn’t limit you to just one word per day. You can tap the “random” button to discover words that have been featured in the past. Challenge your friends by tapping the share button and sending them an email, Tweet, or Facebook message in which you ask them if they know what the word means. The challenge option also lets you send a sentence in which the vocabulary word is used. The recipient then needs to use context clues to figure out the definition of the word.

SAT Word A Day could be a good app for high school students to put on their Android devices now as they prepare to take the SAT in the spring.

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