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DuckDuckGo – Search the Web Without Being Tracked


unnamed Most commercial search engines like Google and Bing track what you’re searching for because that’s how they know which ads to present to you. In fact, that’s why two people could be visiting this blog right now and be seeing two very different advertisements in the righthand column. (Click here for an explanation of how Google Adsense works).

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that promises not to track or share your search history. (It still does display advertising based on keywords in a search). Besides the privacy aspect of DuckDuckGo there is an aspect of showing you less biased search results that makes it useful. If you’ve been clicking +1 on websites or links in Google+ some of that information is taken into account in giving you “personalized search results.” Personalized results can be helpful sometimes, like when you want to find the best restaurants in a city, but it can be less than helpful if you want results that are not skewed by your past habits.

DuckDuckGo works in any web browser on your Android devices and they they recently released a free Android app too.

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