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5 Note-taking Android Apps for Students


notepad-117597_150 If you work in a BYOD environment there is a very good chance that your students will show up with Android devices. To help them take advantage of their mobile devices for academic purposes, we should have some apps to suggest to them. Here are five apps that your students can use to take notes on their Android devices.

The Write app from Stylus Labs is a slick little app for handwriting notes or longer documents on your Android tablet. The app has all of the features that you might expect to find like pen stroke color and thickness adjustments. What makes Write stand out is the selection of editing tools that it offers. The Write app allows you to cut and paste chunks of your handwritten text. You can move and insert spaces into your handwritten text. And you can play back your notes from the beginning to watch your handwriting unfold on the screen. All pages created in the Write app can be saved to your tablet. You can also export your pages as PDFs through email, Google Drive, Evernote, and other file storage services.

apMemo is a neat note and reminder app for Android. On apMemo you can draw notes and type notes. Each note can be turned into a reminder by setting a time for it. Your reminders can be set for any date and time by using the custom reminder setting. apMemo is available in a free version and in a paid version. The paid version of the app offers the option to share your notes to other services including Gmail and Dropbox. Both versions give you the option to create checklists, handwritten and drawn notes, and typed notes. apMemo could be a good app for students who need a quick way to take notes on their Android devices and also need an an app to create to-do lists with reminders. apMemo can meet all of those requirements.

AK Notepad is a free Android app for recording notes on your phone or tablet. AK Notepad has a very simple interface yet still offers some handy features. AK Notepad features a lined paper graphic on which you type your notes. AK Notepad gives you the option to save and share your notes to a variety of services including, Evernote, Google+, and Twitter. AK Notepad can be used as a reminder service. You can set a reminder alarm for each of your notepads. The alarm can be set using one of the pre-defined settings of 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes into the future. You can also set reminders for days or weeks in the future.

NoteLedge is a multimedia note-taking app for Android tablets. The app allows you to draw, type, speak, and video record notes. You can use all forms of those notes on one page or use a different NoteLedge page for each type of note. Switching between media modes in NoteLedge is a simple matter of tapping the icon for the type of media that wish to use. For example, if you want to draw, tap the pencil.

BoardTabla is a free Android app designed to help you quickly capture presentation slides on your phone or tablet. The app is basically a camera with some handy extras. To capture a slide just snap a picture with BoardTabla. BoardTabla will automatically crop sections like borders that aren’t needed. Once the image is captured you can write free-hand notes on the slides. BoardTabla could be a handy Android app for students to quickly capture slides and annotate them in a way that makes them meaningful to them. BoardTabla allows for sharing of slides through email, text messaging, and Facebook. The sharing function could be helpful for students to send notes to classmates who are absent from class.

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