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Try Duolingo for Learning a Language Online or Offline

Back in May Duolingo released an Android app designed to help students learn a new language. The app provides lessons in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. The most recent update to the app makes the learning activities available on your Android device even when you don’t have a connection to the Internet. The […]

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Explain Everything – Create Flipped Video Lessons on Your Android Tablet

For quite a while now Explain Everything has been a popular iOS app for creating flipped classroom videos. Last week I learned from Greg Kulowiec that it is now available on Android tablets too. Explain Everything for Android allows you to create explanatory videos with drawings, text, pictures, PDFs, and your voice. On Explain Everything […]

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Summarizing the Day With Pic Collage

In an article that I recently wrote for School Library Journal I mentioned using services like Pic Collage and PicMonkey to have students create collages about things they did over the summer. Creating the collages can be a good way for students to organize their thoughts in a visual manner. The collages also give them […]

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Scholly – An App to Help Students Find Scholarships

Tuition and fees for universities are always going up, Scholly is a new app that could help students tackle those rising costs. Scholly is an app designed by college students for the purpose of helping students find scholarships that they are eligible for. Using Scholly is a fairly straight-forward process. Input some information about yourself […]

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A Short Guide to Using Blogger On Android Tablets

A couple of weeks ago on Free Technology for Teachers I published an 86 page guide to using Blogger in schools. This evening I added a new section with directions for using the Blogger Android app. Those directions along with the complete guide are embedded below.

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