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Five Good and Free Android Apps for Elementary School Math Practice

Over on I recently published a list of apps for elementary school math practice. Not to leave out the Android users, I’ve put together this short list of free Android apps for practicing elementary school math skills. 10monkeys is an Android app that elementary school students will enjoy using to practice their multiplication skills. […]

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AndrOpen Office Puts Open Office on Your Android Device

Before I became a devoted Google Documents user, Open Office was my office suite of choice. I liked Open Office because of the wide range of file format types that it supported. In fact, I still have Open Office installed on a couple of computers for those times when I have a file sent to […]

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Spelling Bee Genius – Create and Play Spelling Quizzes on Android Tablets

Spelling Bee Genius is a free Android app on which you can create and play spelling quizzes. The free app has two basic quiz modes. You can play random quizzes featuring selections of words from a list of more than 5,000. The other option is to create your own lists to be quizzed on. In […]

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Fresh Pick – An Android App to Help Students Learn About Budgets

Fresh Pick is a free Android app from PBS Kids. The app is based on the popular PBS web series Fizzy’s Lunch Lab. The purpose of the app is to challenge students’ math and problem solving skills. The app contains eight challenges for students to try. Students can go through the challenges in any order […]

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Visual Math – A Cute Math App for Pre-K and Kindergarten Students

Visual Math is a free Android app designed to help pre-K and Kindergarten students learn to recognize numbers. The app contains a series of matching, comparison, and pattern recognition activities. Some of the activities that children can try are comparing numbers on a number line, choosing the number that is missing from a series, and […]

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