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Spelling Bee Genius – Create and Play Spelling Quizzes on Android Tablets


Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 8.16.29 AM Spelling Bee Genius is a free Android app on which you can create and play spelling quizzes. The free app has two basic quiz modes. You can play random quizzes featuring selections of words from a list of more than 5,000. The other option is to create your own lists to be quizzed on. In both modes the words are read aloud to you and then you have to try to spell the word you hear. As you spell the letters turn green or red depending on your accuracy. If you’re spelling a word correctly, the letters are green. If you’re spelling a word incorrectly, the letters turn red.

Spelling Bee Genius could be a good Android app for elementary school and middle school students to develop practice spelling exercises for themselves. The progress reports created by the app can provide students with a record of the words they know best and the ones they need to spend more time practicing.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an option for sharing quizzes with other users of the Spelling Bee Genius app.

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