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WWF Together – A Beautiful App About Endangered Animals


wwf together Earlier today on FreeTech4Teachers.com I mentioned the WWF Together app. WWF Together is a free Android app and iPad app that features interactive stories about endangered animals around the world. Each of the interactive stories includes beautiful images and videos, facts about the animals and their habitats, and the threats to each of the animals. The animals currently featured in the app are pandas, marine turtles, elephants, tigers, polar bears, bison, whales, gorillas, rhinos, sharks, jaguars, and snow leopards.


Students can explore the WWF Together app in a couple of ways. Students can choose an animal by selecting it from the menu that unfolds when the origami polar bear on the cover screen is tapped. Alternatively, students can find animals by spinning a globe in the app and tapping on the blue dots that represent the locations of animals. If students have location services enabled on their tablets they can quickly learn how far the animals are from where they are using their tablets.

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