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Wear Audio – Record Audio on Your Android Phone or Watch


wear_audio Wear Audio is a free Android app that makes it easy to quickly record audio notes or short audio interviews. With the app installed on your phone, tablet, or Android watch you can record at any time by simply opening the app and tapping the microphone icon. You do not have to have a Wear Audio account to create, save, and or share your recordings. Recordings are saved to your device. You can share them to Google Drive, Evernote, Box, Dropbox, or SoundCloud. When you want to listen to one of your recordings you can listen to it through the Wear Audio app or hear it played through the Google Music player.

One of the nice features of Wear Audio that I haven’t found in a lot of similar apps is the ability to adjust the recording quality settings. On Wear Audio you can adjust the audio gain, enable noise and echo suppression, and adjust the audio compression settings.

If you’re looking for an audio recording app that your students can use without having to create and remember yet another password, give Wear Audio a try. Students could use the app to record short reflections on what they learned during the week or perhaps start a podcast that they publish to SoundCloud after recording on Wear Audio.

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