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Soon You Will Be Able to Download Podcasts from Google Play


microphone-772577_640As a devoted Android user the one complaint that I have about Google Play music is the lack of podcast publishing and listening options. According to The Next Web, we will soon be able to download podcasts directly from Google Play music. Podcast producers can now upload their shows to Google Play.

I’m hopeful that publishing through the Google Play podcast portal will be easier than publishing through iTunes. In my observations, one of the reasons that more teachers and students don’t publish podcasts is the difficulty of learning the process of publishing through iTunes. Once you figure out how to publish through iTunes it gets easier, but that initial attempt can be frustrating.

From a listening standpoint, I’m hopeful that being able to download podcasts from Google Play will get more students and teachers to listen to educational podcasts. I would love to see something like Crash Course History appear on Google Play as a podcast series.

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