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GoConqr – Create Flashcards With Images on Your Android Device


goconqr android GoConqr is a service that offers tools for creating flashcards and mind maps. The GoConqr Flashcard app for Android allows students to develop sets of flashcards on their mobile devices. Students can create flashcards that are solely text-based or they can choose to incorporate pictures into their flashcards. Within the app students can create as many sets of flashcards as they like. The app does not require students to be connected to the Internet in order to review their flashcards.

One of the nuances of the GoConqr Flashcard app is that while it is possible to review the flashcards directly in the app, you will be encouraged to also install the GoConqr app. The GoConqr app includes features for taking notes, sharing notes, sharing flashcards, and viewing statistics about your review habits.


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