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Kiwi Corner – Great Ideas and Directions for Hands-on Projects


kiwi-corner Kiwi Corner is a free Android app that offers a huge catalog of ideas for hands-on arts & crafts projects and simple kitchen science projects. You can discover projects in Kiwi Corner in a few ways. First, there is a daily project suggestion that you’ll see when you open the app. Second, you can browse the catalog of project ideas according to child’s age and interest. Finally, you can search for a project according to key word. You can view the daily projects and search for projects without registering or signing into the app. Registered Kiwi Corner users (registration is free) can save projects that they find in the app. Registered users can also share saved projects.

The typical project found in Kiwi Corner can be completed by using common household items like paper towel rolls, newspapers, baking soda, flour, and other common kitchen staples. The directions for each project are written in clear sequences and are accompanied by pictures.

The next time you’re looking for a hands-on art or science project for your pre-K through fifth grade students, take a look through Kiwi Corner.

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