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Moose Math – An App for Primary Math


Moose Math is a cute app from Duck Duck Moose and Khan Academy. The app is designed to help young students learn how to count, how to add, and how to subtract. The setting of the app puts students in a “moose city” that they are trying to build by completing five levels of mathematics activities.

The first level in Moose Math has students help make fruit juice drinks by adding fruit to a blender. Each drink requires a specific number of fruits that students have to drag and drop into the blender. If they don’t add enough or if they add too much, then they are asked to try again. The second level of the app has students counting again, but this time they are counting dots rather than fruits. As students progress through each level they earn rewards that they can use to design their own little virtual cities.

The third through fifth levels of Moose Math introduce students to addition and subtraction problems.

This app is also available for iOS.

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